Dealing With Hair Loss

Hair loss in both men and women is a rising concern.  As we get older our hair will begin to thin and even fall out.  For most people this is a major issue when it comes to self-esteem and personal looks.  Many people will even go to extreme measures trying different treatments such as low level light therapy for hair loss, changing their diet and much more. 

One thing that people will do is accept it.  They will shave their head and keep it shaved.  For many men this is a sexy look and one that is gaining in popularity.  However, for women this isn’t really a good look.  For them, finding a solution is top priority.

Covering up their hair with a scarf, hat or other coverings is typically the easiest thing that they can do.  When we do the cover-up however, it is just masking the problem and not really addressing or solving the underline problem. 

When looking for a solution people will find creams, pills, surgery and more.  These treatments can cost a lot of money and in many cases they could fail.  For those that do succeed it may be a constant battle in trying to maintain the hair that they have and what is growing in.

Washing your hair and keeping it maintained is another factor.  You don’t want to use a lot of harsh chemicals and cleaners on your hair.  You also don’t want to wash your hair on a daily basis.  You want to stagger your washing of your hair to a multiday schedule.  When we wash our hair frequently, we strip out oils, nutrients and much more.

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Our hair is a symbol of who we are.  Cutting our hair, styling it and more are how we are able to set ourselves apart from other people.  Taking your time to care for your hair can go a long way.